I'm sorta loud, and a goofball...some of ya found that out today. ;D

I'm gonna quit talkin' (postin') for awhile, and read some posts.

I'd just like to say, though, that it WAS a fun day....and gee it'd be nice to have a yearly labfest somewhere....and to have more members come. It sure was a lot of fun for the dogs, and I think we owners had a good time too, I know I did.

I'm hoping the rest of you girls from today post some of your pics (but only flattering ones of ME!); I'm hoping to see 'em! It was great to meet you all, and we all felt that it'd be nice to see a face along with the dog's pictures on here...if I can take, oh, a hundred or so pics of Tucker and I, and get 1 good one of me, maybe my sig will be he and I together.

The dogs all got along so well today....I was so pleased with Tucker. He listened well, for the most part, with all the other dogs around, and I thought they all listened and behaved well.......what great dogs we all have.