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    DefaultWhere to shop?

    Gannon needs a new crate, he has already outgrown his, I will be buying one big enough to suit him for life next week, he has never had an accident in his crate I think he can handle the space.

    We need a new collar. Dumb arse me bought a leather one Gannon loves leather

    We need some door bells, tried to fashion my own, didn't work :-\

    I am wondering if there is somewhere online I can get it all, maybe with free shipping and great prices??

    We do have a petco and a Petsmart around here but Petco is spendy and Petsmart is dirty Plus neither of them have a collar I want or door bells.

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    DefaultRe: Where to shop?

    Have you tried Walmart? I am not a huge Walmart fan....but they do have good prices. I have bought some big ticket dog products there because the price was right

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    DefaultRe: Where to shop?

    I got Dakota and Maggies crates at walmart along with their seconds collars(their first either came with them or were only used for a short time).
    With the crate I didnt get a little one to start with I just jumped right in there since I am home all day. Dakota messed the crate once but wasnt feeling well.
    Id go with walmart for collars and such till you can keep your puppy from eatting it lol.


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