Last night around 10pm Buck and I decided we'd wrestle and play in the family room as my dad was sitting there "watching" tv (more like snoozing).
I was tossing his toy so he would run and go get it and then we'd run into each other and wrestle to the ground. Dad would give the occassional...could you two settle down...Swati you are too old for this kind of behaviour etc etc. It was a lot of fun...till I tossed his toy and it went flying through the kitchen over the kitchen island and knocked a big glass over. CRASH!!! Dad bolts up and yells.. I TOLD YOU TWO TO KNOCK IT OFF!!! My mom, who was on the phone peeks around the other room and says to her friend...yeah... my two two year olds are causing trouble again and breaking things

Well Buck was on his way to get the toy when he heard the shatter and stopped short..sat down and looked right up at me. I swear he had the "UH OH! We are in sooooooo much trouble" look. He just sat still watching my dad yell and then up at me and then I asked him to go to his crate. He very willingly scurried in there and sat down and waited for me to shut the door. Then he just went into his "I am a sphinx" posture and looked out of his crate with a worried look on his face!

Well I cleaned up all the shards of glass and then let him out. My mom goes "Buck what did you two do??!?!" He just walks over to her. Sits down gives her a high five and does a down and looks for a treat !!

Atleast my mom thought the whole thing was funny...not my dad though!

Let me just parents are pretty up tight and strict and traditional/old fashioned. I am pretty sure Buck and I are soon going to drive em over the edge or turn em into laid back cool people :P