Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.
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Thread: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultBailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    I knew Deep down what day it was yesterday, I just couldn't bring myself to think about it.* :'(* This morning I was sitting here going through pictures and Maggie JUMPS up on me and starts whining.* Maggie knows NOT to jump on people.* All out dogs have learned* not to jump because of my mom having MS.* She really shocked me I think she knew I was thinking about her mommy.* She is now sitting here right next to me and wont move.* Dakota has left the room and Maggie wont go play with her.

    I got Bailey for an EARLY Christmas present from my mom.* I wanted a lab puppy really bad.*
    At the time I was going through a hard time changing schools.* I had gone to a private school for 5 years where I was the oldest and the whole school was never more than 60 kids.* I wanted a dog of my own that I did not have to share with my brother and that could be MY friend.
    We had a golden retriever at the time, her name was Lindsay.* It had been 6 years since we lost Mocha our second chocolate lab had died of someone poisining her from the other side of the fence.
    When we started looking for a breeder we called the vet in the next town over since hes really big on labs.* He told us we were crazy for wanting a Chocolate lab and we would be in for a world of trouble.* My mom asked me if I wanted another color and um NO I didn't!* So we found Baileys breeder through the Central Wyoming Kennel Club.* Right after finding a puppy my mom fell and broke her back and couldn't drive down to get the puppy.* Her breeder drove all the way to Casper to bring her to my mom.* My mom wasn't suppost to drive but went to meet the breeder to pick the puppy up.* I was in school and didn't know this was taking place.* I didn't think we were getting the puppy till next weekend.* So that afternoon I called my mom to see how she was and talk to her.* When I called I heard this crying.* I asked if she was babysitting Terry's foster kids.* She says no.* So I keep listening and I hear more crying and then puppy noises.* I freaked out!* I was shocked, EXCITED, and things words can not explain.* I wanted to go home SOO bad!* I had to wait 3 more hours before I could go home. 3 HOURS!!!!!!!!* *The pain of waitting was bad!* When 230 came and that bell rang I didn't stop at my locker and get my stuff or put my books away I went to the car to see my puppy!* Mom had wrapped her in a little green blanket and had her sitting in the front seat!
    She was a great girl.* She wasn't big on playing with a ball or running around.* She wanted to be with her mommy.* When summer time came and we filled up the swimming pool she wouldn't let ANY of the other dogs in it.* That was HER pool and NO ONE was going to take it away from her* lol.
    Every morning after I had gotten up and came to the living room she would thump her tail a few times and then get up and come put her head in my lap.* We would talk and kiss and love on eachother for a while first thing EVERY morning.
    The night when we noticed she was having trouble walking no vet would see her.* The next night she couldn't walk at all.* I went to bed that night knowing I needed to find a way to get her to a vet in the morning.* As soon as I got into bed and Bailey couldn't see me she cried and cried for me.* I spent the night on the livingroom floor holding her as close to me as I could.*
    3 days after Christmas my sweet girl went to be with the lord.
    Bailey was my princess and always will be!* She was mom to Annie who we had to put down in May, and Maggie who is still here with us!.
    Bailey 9/15/98-12/28/05

    Bailey and Maggie.

    My bang spring of '05

    Kaden and Bailey

    Things never change.* Maggie ALWAYS loved her mommy!

    We all miss you very much sweet girl. we know you are in a better place* and with out pain.* You ment the world to us and always will.* I love you Bailey, happy 8th Birthday.

    I don't have a good picture to show it but Maggie and Bailey look almost exactly alike!

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    Emma the Lab's Avatar
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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    :'( I'm so sorry Kathryn... Beautiful pictures of Bailey and your other girls.

    Happy 8th Birthday Bailey
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
    Sweet Emma, 16th of February 1996~26th of November 2010
    Always in my heart and soul. Together forever, my love....

    Nikki 6 months

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    Mel is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    Happy 8th Birthday, Bailey!
    I'm sure she knows how much you miss her, Kathryn. :'(

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    Brigettas Mom is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    Kathryn, I'm so sorry. I know you must miss Bailey so much.

    Happy 8th Birthday Bailey!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    MyLabsMom is offline Senior Member
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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    So - so never seems to get easier, does it?

    Can you tell me how she passed? What happen?
    Brenda from Connecticut

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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.


    I'm sorry sweetie, Bailey was beautiful and very loved while she was with you.

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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    :'( sorry for your loss.

    midnight's and luke's mom

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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    Soo sorry for you loss, she was beautiful and they are always too young. Happy 8th Birthday Bailey!

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    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    Thinking of you!!!!

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Bailey would have been 8 yesterday.

    Thank you everyone. She is very much missed, and not forgotten!
    I miss my princess so much but know shes in a better place!
    Thank you everone

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