Rosie O'Donnell's cure for diaper rash
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Thread: Rosie O'Donnell's cure for diaper rash

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    DefaultRosie O'Donnell's cure for diaper rash

    Rosie mentioned on The View this week, that when her oldest was a baby he had a wicked case of diaper rash. Her friend's dog had just had a little of puppies, so she took her son over to see them. Inbetween changings, her son, Parker, was crawling on the grass naked. The mama dog came over and smelled his bum and then licked him there several times. Her friend said the dog was taking care of him and it would work. That you never see pups with diaper rash, do you? lol...
    Anyway Rosie says within a few hours the diaper rash had completely healed up

    She is getting a lot of flack for this over on her blog. lol People going nuts that she "let" a dog lick her son's private parts and stuff. She said it was his BUTT nothing else and hey it worked!

    Anyone ever hear of this technique? lol

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    DefaultRe: Rosie O'Donnell's cure for diaper rash

    Rosie's kid's diaper rash was probably caused by the chemicals in disposable diapers. Thats why pups don't get diaper rash, their buts are free to the wind and their mom cleans them up immediately after they poo.


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