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Thread: Mom went crazy!!! UPDATE!!

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    DefaultMom went crazy!!! UPDATE!!

    Hey Pups, Sambuka here.

    Well, Mom went crazy, she left for work this morning and she did not left me on my bed/crate... she just closed all the bedrooms doors and left me roaming around the house. Can you believe it?? when she said "Chao Sam" and I was not in my crate, I just could not believe it... I tilted my head as asking her "are u crazy?"... something was not right...I have the WHOLE house for myself. She has not come yet, so, she does not know how I am behaving here... but you know... I am a good guy.... besides eating my way out through the Sheetrock the other day,... I do not think I am going to do much...well,... the legs of this table and chairs looks Yummi!!.. Anyway... I think she just felt guilty because yesterday we went to the Vet and she made a reservation for boarding from tonight to next wednesday... something about going to Tulsa for work. At least I heard "Luxury suite" and that means playtime included and watching dog shows on TV ALL Day!!!

    UPDATE 1:00 pm

    Hey Pups, Sambuka here...

    Mom came back, and as I told you... I was a good boy and did not do anything bad. Well, just my stuffed toy that I had since I as 8 weeks.... I had to chew it and ate half of it.. I do not know what happened, but I had to do it... anyway, furniture was OK, couter top things were on their place, carpet was fine, and the legs of the chairs and table were perfect!!!

    I think I passed!!!!!

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    DefaultRe: Mom went crazy!!!

    You better be good, Sambuka! That way you'll get more good stuff from Mommy.

    Brenda, Sam & Bodie


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