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    How do we teach our lab to bark? I know silly question! She seldomly barks, and I would like her to bark at least if someone is at the front door, backyard, etc.

    Any thoughts?

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    How old is she?

    By nature, Labs are not a vocal breed. This is especially true of dogs that are bred for hunting/field trials. Equally, some dogs never 'alert bark' at the doorbell or the arrival of visitors. Again, Labs are not bred to be watch dogs. Personally, my dogs DO alert bark, but this came naturally --I never taught them. The only way to see if your dog will alert bark is by waiting...if they are going to do it, they probably will start when they are a year or so.

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    very rare I hear my two bark. I'd prefer it if they didn't. I have had some labs that just did a low woof as an alert and some that did one or two barks. My two girls now are more of the woof type When I hear a bark I usually say "shoosh, quiet",I try to discourage the barking.
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    Can we trade dogs please. Bruce lets us know when the neighbours are home, when there cat is in our yard, when the paper arrives, when the door bell rings he goes nuts. We are working on "quiet" and having some success until the door bell rings and so far he just can't contain himself.


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