Bed wetter?
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Thread: Bed wetter?

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    DefaultBed wetter?

    Does anyone out there have experience with their dog "wetting the bed". Ours is a 3 yr old Chocolate, that we adopted from a rescue coalition in June - and this morning his bed was soaked with urine.
    (Background: He had his urine tested for infection/crystals in July because we noticed he was dripping small amounts of urine when he was laying down but not sleeping. He has been on a special diet for urinary crystals and pH since then.)
    I'm just wondering if this is part of that problem, or something thats normal? We may need to take another trip to the vet. :-\

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    DefaultRe: Bed wetter?

    I think just to be safe I would run a sample into the vet and make sure there's no infection. But I have a bed wetter too, and it seems to be sesonal for him, worse in the fall and then usually not at all winter-spring-summer


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