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    Defaultgetting fixed :-)

    I have not been on the forum for a long time, so I know this topic has come up. I just want to know from everyone if their labs settled down at all after being neutered. We have an appt in the next two wks to get this done and we are taking both Bo and Wyatt in together, as we feel this is the best to do them both at the same time.

    Anyone can tell me if there are significant changes in their labs after this is done? My labs are about 15 months old now. Thanks to all that reply.

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    DefaultRe: getting fixed :-)

    No significant changes once it's done. THey will settle down once they mature...which is around 2 years old. Exercise and training will curtail, but not cure the crazies.
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    DefaultRe: getting fixed :-)

    The only real change I can think of is they hump less and don't have "sex on the brain" as much as an intact dog does. Personalities remain the same. In fact, unless we are talking about breeding or performance dogs, I think ALL pet dogs should be spayed and neutered. There are no disadvantages as far as I am concerned.

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    DefaultRe: getting fixed :-)

    Neutering has no effect that I have noticed on their personality and they do take 2 - 3, or in my case, 4 years to "grow" out of puppyhood. Then they are just full grown adult goofballs.
    Somemay claim that neutered pets have a tendency to gain weight. Thats NOT the dogs fault, it is your responsibility to make sure they have a proper diet and exercise.


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