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    Hi. I bought Mambo the crate for weight up to 70 pounds. He is only like 45 or so. But when I put him to sleep last night it looked alittle smal for him..How much space should he have in there?

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    Can he stand up, turn around and stretch in it? if he can, it is probably ok. If he is 45lbs and the crate is for a 70lb dog I can imagine the size is reasonable.

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    Mybabymambo Guest

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    Yes he can stand up, When he is sitting his head is only about an inch from the top. He can lay out in one direction. I guess I am so use to seeing the little puppy in the crate with so much extra room. Now he is a big boy and it just seems small, but I think there is only one more size up.

    Thanks trickster


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