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Thread: My New Puppy

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    DefaultMy New Puppy

    i just wanted to get some advice for raising a lab puppy....i figured many of you have already gone through this and i would LOVE some help!!!

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    DefaultRe: My New Puppy

    Congrats!!! ;D

    Feel free to check out this thread:,1694.0.html

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    DefaultRe: My New Puppy

    Congrats on the new puppy! It will totally take over your life as mine has! They are such wonderful little animals! I am very unexperienced at the pupy thing also (my baby, Hank, is almost one) but I do have one piece of advice that I wish I would have listened to. Stick to the rules that you set for the dog. I have learned that if you let a lab puppy get away with something one time (such as not disciplining for digging in the garbage) they think that it is ok. It is hard to break them of things if you are not consistent!

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    DefaultRe: My New Puppy

    Congrads on the new Puppy. Can we see pictures. I am sure you will learn alot here. I have already learned so much. Not sure what I would do with out the lab chat board.

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    DefaultRe: My New Puppy

    Congrats! We don't work well without pics . Follow advice of the forum members and read all of FallRiver's advice!


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