Awesome new doggie store!
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Thread: Awesome new doggie store!

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    DefaultAwesome new doggie store!

    For those of you in the Boulder/Broomfield/Superior/Louisville area in Colorado, there's an awesome new doggie store open. It's near the Flatirons Mall, in the Safeway shopping center, across from the Land Rover dealership. It's called Unleashed. Our dog trainer just opened it and we took Clarence for a visit yesterday. She has full grooming services, training services and yummy natural dog food products and treats. And fabulous toys of course! She has 4 or 5 tubs for bathing and has a training room in the store. Clarence went bananas and tried to shoplift a few treats! If you live in the area, you should stop by. Bernadette is the owner--she's been a great friend and trainer to Clarence. He adores her!

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    DefaultRe: Awesome new doggie store!

    Emma has also shoplifted a couple times from the local pet store lol.
    That's what they get for leaving baskets of yummy treats right at their level!

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    DefaultRe: Awesome new doggie store!

    Aren't we something? I spent 2 hours in a new (new to me,anyway) pet store last week, and I refuse to spend more than 15 minutes in any other type of store, even if I'm shopping for myself. Coming home and unpacking all the goodies is even more fun!


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