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    DefaultStatistics...a conversation...

    Okay, bear with me. This may be a smidge long.

    I went to my local Labrador Club meeting last Friday (I am looking to join). Anyways, they had a guest speaker there that used to be a member of this organization and is now a member of the Michigan Asoociation for Purebred Dogs and the Michigan Hunting Dog Federation. He lobbies at our capital for legislature regarding the care of companion animals.

    What struck me was his conversation regarding shelter dogs and how he disagrees with overpopulation being an "epidemic". He produced a chart from 2004 figures turned in from Michigan shelters.

    In 2004, there were 2,181,000 estimated dogs in households in that time...accounts for 55% of Michigan households owning a dog. A trend that has steadily increasded since 1991 (where 37.2% of MI households owned a dog).

    According to their stats, there are 176 shelters and humane societies in MI (I don't believe this accounts for rescues...but couldn't get an answer on this). In 2004 there were 123,862 dogs in shelters. Of that number, 66,853 dogs were adopted, sold (yes, to research), or returned to owners. 50,534 dogs were euthanized in shelters. The remaining 6,475 are unaccounted for.

    This breaks down as follows (according to their stats):
    Average of 287 dogs per year euthanized in each of the 176 shelters.
    Average of 24 dogs per month euthanized in each of the shelters
    Average of .8 dogs per day euthanized in each of the shelters.

    Okay. I think this is all BS. I go to our county website and dig up the 2004 stats JUST FOR ISABELLA COUNTY.

    In 2004, there were a total of 1,745 dogs (this includes puppies) brought into the shelter. 750 were euthanized. 267 were returned to their owners. 695 were adopted (40% adoption rate), and 33 were sent to quarantine or rescues.

    This breaks down for us as:
    Average of 62.5 dogs per month euthanized
    Average of 2.08 dogs per day euthanized

    We do not have a huge shelter. I think we are pretty average as far as shelters go. But lets say for arguement sake that each of the 176 shelters are euthanizing 500 dogs a year...that drives up the total number of dogs euthanized to 88,000 a year with 41.6 dogs being euthanized month at each of the shelters and 1.4 dogs are being PTS daily at 176 shelters across the state of Michigan.

    That means their numbers are BS. They are not doing anything because they are not looking at real numbers. This irks me about my own state.

    But now think about it nationally...again...just toying with numbers...

    7500 shelters nationally (guessing)
    1500 average annual intake (11,250,000 total)
    645 average euthanizations at each shelter (4,837,500)
    403,125 dogs monthly are being PTS
    13,437.5 dogs are being PTS daily in US

    No epidemic? You decide.
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    DefaultRe: Statistics...a conversation...

    It is heartbreaking to think of so many unwanted dogs who are euthanized* :'(* I once saw a poster of a pile of dead animals (dogs & cats, I think) that had been euthanized -- it had a real impact.* Obviously the message is not getting out there to the irresponsible dog breeders... maybe some in-your-face message like this would help?* It's so sad.

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    DefaultRe: Statistics...a conversation...

    Quote Originally Posted by Dani
    They are not doing anything because they are not looking at real numbers.
    Where is he getting his figures from? It appeared to not be such an epidemic with his figures but yes, yours do shed the light on the situation and yes, it is an epidemic not just there but everywhere.

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    DefaultRe: Statistics...a conversation...

    It is heartbreaking.
    Dont know how you do it Dani.

    We will rescue in the future. My parents were kind of ahead of their time and rescued when I was really young. 30+ yrs ago, and it is something I know we will do at some point, when the kids are older.


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