This is from a top breeder of Irish Wolfhounds. Several dogs
became ill with this at the National Specialty last April, and one
died. Please share with club members.

Goodmorning Everyone!

In light of the recent tragic events, I wanted to make sure that
all of you had the Rocephin Protocol for pneumonia handy.
I just e-chatted with , who provided me with the correct
dosages as well as some symptoms that the animals may or may not

PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE - give this info to your vets, give it to
your puppy people, keep it in your emergency kits! This protocol
WORKS, it has been tried and proven many times.

The Rocephin is usually available at major hospitals for immediate use, the Zithro or Sinequin too although you can get them at most pharmacies. The Rocephin is expensive - Walmart had the best prices when checked.

ROCEPHIN 2gms (IV or IM) the first day
ROCEPHIN 1gm (IV or IM) each day after for 4 days

You have to hit them hard the first time you see them acting like
they are having a hard time breathing, or standing and can't get
comfortable. The symptoms are similar to bloat so you have to
assume both. ALWAYS TAKE A TEMP! I can't tell you have many
people do not take a time when the dog acts sick or refuses a

A fever develops, but not always right away. The vet doesn't
always hear it with a stethescope or see a pneumonia on the x-ray
and they don't always cough in the beginning. Thats why many are

The fever is the clue to start the Rocephin immediately.

Another set of symptoms I have noticed are that the dog will have his head lowered more than usual, and will sometimes extend his neck, as though he is sniffing for something. I'm sure that those of you who have experienced this disease may have noticed other symptoms as well