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    DefaultService Lab Dove

    A very successful disabled driver (horse), Diane Kastama, has a yellow lab, Dove, that rides with her in the carriage.* *Her previous dog was also a yellow lab. I believe the dog assists with the horses. I have seen pics of her previous dog leading one.

    Diane just won a Gold Medal in the World Championship. *She is paralized at least from the wait down.* The following from the carriage driving list.

    "Diane Kastama has proven herself once again by winning the Gold Medal at the World Championship for Disabled Drivers. Additionally, she won the cones drive off with a blistering galloped round with no balls down. "

    A pic I found on the internet.* Not a very good one of her dog though and not of her championship.
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    DefaultRe: Service Lab Dove

    Now that is cool!!


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