Gannon had a blast yesterday
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Thread: Gannon had a blast yesterday

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    DefaultGannon had a blast yesterday

    We took him with us yesterday to the party at his mom's house. When we arrived he was asleep in his crate in the back of the car. So I just left him there with the back door wide open , about 10 minutes later I saw him mom jetting across the driveway in the direction of my car, so I went over and sure enough she was investigating him. I let him out of his crate and they propmtly gave each other a couple sniffs and then a billion kisses it was so cute! I then let him down to play with her and she roughed him up for a good 20 minutes, SU thought she was going to kill him I swear but it was really cute, she never even made him cry. Then we took him over to the cage his 2 sisters were in and left him there for about an hour to play with them. One of his sisters is the runt and like 1/2 his size so she paid him no mind at all, but the other sister, ohhhh did she enjoy having someone her own size to pick on..... She was jumping him relentlessly it was so funny cause she is really noisey it sounded like a huge dog fight from 10 feet away. That is all the play time I gave him and I think he was grateful to get away from his sister, but he really wanted to go back to his mom and play some more. I kept him away from them the rest of the night and he was one tuckered pup when we got home. He had no fight left in him at all.

    And then I met someone who has one of Gannon's 1/2 brothers from the same dad. I really did not know anything about the dad. She told me he is wonderful and that her boy is just like him, and Gannon seems to be too because when you pick him up he just melts in your arms. He really does(except in his few crazed puppy moments) that is what made me choose him. BUT...BUT she said her pup is HUGE!!!! 110 lbs!!!! I sure hope he is overweight because I cant imagine! Dad is big too so I dunno. Gannon is a large guy already 14 lbs and thin at 8 weeks!

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    DefaultRe: Gannon had a blast yesterday

    I'm so glad the it turned out so well for you, and Gannon got to see and play with his Mom and some siblings. Great that you had some puppy-free time to socialize, too! Sounds like a fun day!

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    DefaultRe: Gannon had a blast yesterday

    Sounds like a great day!


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