we may have a breakthrough!
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Thread: we may have a breakthrough!

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    Defaultwe may have a breakthrough!

    Based on my experience so far, I'm only CAUTIOUSLY optimistic but last night Gigi was getting rowdy with George and I kept telling her to chill and she didn't and then she knocked a bunch of stuff over so we had a frank exchange of views and she had to go outside for a while to repent of her sins. This morning she started to get rowdy and I said "Gigi, NO" and she stopped immediately, got one of her chew toys and came to me, lay down at my feet and started playing quietly (sort of! ;D) with it.

    I'm really trying hard to get through to her that playing with George is fine as long as it doesn't get too rough because while he enjoys a bit of bitey-face as much as the next dog, she tends to get way too enthusiastic and just run roughshod over him and with her outweighing him by 10 pounds and being half again his height, plus the fact that he's several years older, and that I don't want my house destroyed , we have to observe some boundaries here. I don't want her to hurt him and I don't think she would on purpose -- she's really very sweet and not at all bad-tempered no matter what happens -- but she's also completely unconscious of how much is too much.

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    DefaultRe: we may have a breakthrough!

    Let the dogs figure out what is too rough. We intervene way too much because it "appears" rough. Well...most times it's not. We do not know dog speak..they do. THEY will tell each other when it's enough. She won't hurt him.

    And as for the "Gigi NO"....I am glad she stopped but you just gave her a vague command. No, what? Sounds like they both could use a little more structured exercise if they are driving you batty in the house.
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    DefaultRe: we may have a breakthrough!

    I can't leave them to figure out what's too rough because if I do, she'll have a ballistic episode and destroy the place. I have to stop her when she gets too rowdy. Just saying "No" means stop whatever you're doing and that always worked with all the other dogs I've ever had.


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