Labrador Retriever Sibling Rivalry
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Thread: Labrador Retriever Sibling Rivalry

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    As some of you already know, I have been researching dog sibling rivalry for a while now as our younger pup, Cheyenne, seems to take dominance over her sister, Dakota. Well, I wrote yet another article that I hope will help other Lab (and dog) owners. I would most definitely appreciate some feedback!

    Labrador Retriever Sibling Rivalry:

    Thanks everyone in advance!

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    DefaultRe: Labrador Retriever Sibling Rivalry

    I don't agree with letting one dominate the other. Let me tell you about my experience with Mitzi and Judy: When Judy was under a year old, she tried to dominate territory; she would bark at something at the front fence and pounce on Mitz when she tried to join in. When Judy would see a squirrel at the picture window, and Mitz came over to see what she's barking at, Judy would fight with her. I did not intervene until one day Judy attacked me by her picture window as she was barking at a squirrel. She bit my face, and I immediately put her on the floor on her back and "explained" that she is not alpha. She has been a sweetheart since then. From this I conclude that I should have intervened when she pounced on Mitzi. If she thought she is alpha to Mitz, she thought she could be alpha to me too. From that time on, the slightest hint of fighting is a mortal sin at my house. They all know that if there is any non-play growling, my "NO FIGHTING" stops it. There is now a strong bond between M&J. They can eat out of the same bowl, never take each other's toys, and neither tries to dominate the other. Also, they are not jealous of each other. If I pet one, the other doesn't push in.


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