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    This is the email I get at work...
    so I go upstairs for a SHORT nap,* this time I come running downstairs because the dogs in the garage are freaking out.
    NOTE: We have turned part of the garage into a 'private doggy daycare' so my other dogs can run around and play.* Kinda like an indoor backyard.*
    So I go RUSHING down and Miss Moo meets me dancing by the stairs - I'm yelling at the dogs to be quiet.* I almost trip over moo - glancing at the box to see sure enough EMPTY.

    Six of the little beasties had curled up on the big heavy blanket SO HAPPY and snoozing.* OMG they were so happy! hee hee hee.*


    TWO on the stairs.* Working SO HARD to get down to the bottom.*

    Pass them and RUN into the garage where that bold bad boy
    - the one that howls and yarps was WANDERING AROUND.* Happy as could be - staying away from the yelling dogs - but helping himself to the new experience IN THE GARAGE.

    I scooped him up, the 2 on the stairs and toss them in the box.* Then woke everyone up on the blanket (OMG were they happy and snoozing - they looked so happy!!!) and put everyone back in the box.* NOW I am trying to have the rest of my nap ON THE COUCH.
    Kat went to the gym today to have her visit with the physical trainer and can't believe how much that woman can beat us up.* I will post pics tonight as soon as I get home.

    Last night we has a scare... littlest girl, named Sam, didn't want anything to eat and when I checked her she was dehydrated!!* ** So off went BIL to the store to get pedialyte and I gave her mashed up food and some yogurt mixed with warm water and then pedialyte and let her nap on us for a while (some great pics coming when I get home) and then she bounced back and started chewing on our faces and then she PEED on me so tested her skin and sure enough she was all better.* I think since she is so small she got pushed to the side so I made sure Kat fed her this morning separately.* She is a happy little camper now.*

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    DefaultRe: Little Escape Artists

    ;D WOW!!! They are growing fast!

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    DefaultRe: Little Escape Artists

    I think it was very rude of Sam to pee on you after all that special care. ;D Babies! No manners at all.

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    DefaultRe: Little Escape Artists

    Sweet little babies looks like it's time to move to a taller box or x-pen huh...
    Can we get some picture I haven't seen any for a while. PLEASE ;D


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