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    ;D* *Denali starts "Puppy 2" obedience school tonight.* *Since we've been on vacation most of the summer we weren't able to get him in any sooner....so technically he is too old for Puppy 2, but I told Denali that if anyone asks he was born April 27th!* He has to be under 22weeks old and he's 25 weeks old....and he's big!* But there is no way this dog can go into obedience 1....he needs some puppy training first.* Dakota went to the same place for obedience and she did Puppy 2 and Obedience 1 and she is a love..and so good!* *
    Denali is good too already at such a young age... i think better than Dakota was at his age...but don't remember!* I think it helps having her to watch and learn what to do...he does everything she does.* So wish us luck and hopefully we wont be the crazy, dumb labrador in class tonight....

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    Here's wishing you the BEST of LUCK! Having been the "crazy" labrador in class on several memorable occasions, I will tell you that even if you are, just hang in there. It will get better!!!!!!!



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