Update: The clicking/popping is better than earlier today. I'm thinking maybe some swelling and weather related. I'm still not sure if her favoring the leg as much as she is, is normal at this stage. Trying to keep her quiet, but they didn't disable her springs LOL

Or anyone else who has been through TPLO/ cruciate reapair. Windy is 6 weeks post op. We have begun increasing her activity slowly as directed and doing her range of motion. She is still restricted to on leash activity. The other day she got out off leash and broke into a butt-tuck (I'm so glad I know what these are called now ) She is not supposed to run and I am so afraid she may have done some damage. She is still weight bearing when she walks, but isn't standing on it as much as she was. I have also noticed some clicking in the joint when I do her range of motion. It has been cool and damp here the past few days and my knees have been crackly too, I don't know if dogs get that too, and she was just stiff from the weather. Did you notice anything like that with Fergus? She doesn't seem to be in any discomfort when I do the range of motion.
I might give the vet a call this afternoon. I just don't want to be a pest and keep calling with every little thing.