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    "Mommy, I'm soooo tired. Please send my cousin home!"

    We are watching my brother's 1-year-old black female lab while he has taken his family out of town on vacation. Riley and Lindsay love each other...sometimes I think too much. Lindsay came over yesterday morning about 9 o'clock and aside from bed time last night, they have been playing non-stop. We may be going for a new World Record for longest sustained bitey face. ;D I wish the battery in my camera wasn't dead. :-\

    Riley keeps hopping up on the couch, where Lindsay is not allowed (their rules, not ours) and then she will look at me with these VERY tired eyes. I've been trying to get them to settle down, but my efforts seem pointless. At least they'll sleep good tonight.

    I guess this is just a little taste of what it will be like when we bring our new puppers home at the end of the month.

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    he hee...I know what that endless bitey face is like. I have had friends dogs stay here with us for a week or more (1 is a Lab) and it is NON STOP wrestling fun.
    Now Lucy has Cricket to play with and they at least limit "smack down, all out wrestling" to two sessions, morning and night.


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