Chasing the cats...need advice
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Thread: Chasing the cats...need advice

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    DefaultChasing the cats...need advice

    We have four indoor cats and Maddi has taken a liking to them (a.k.a. chasing them). I know that she is just playing and trying to get them to play with her, but the cats are freaking out! I have tried the spray bottle but the response I get is..."Do it again mom!" As I'm yelling "Maddi stop!" the cats are flying through the cat door to the basement, the poor things do nothing but hide or pray for me to put her in her cage.

    Any ideas on how to break the habit?

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    DefaultRe: Chasing the cats...need advice

    How old is Maddie? I have 2 cats that went thru something similar. Sky will be 2 at the end of October and she is finally starting to back off. Moose will intentionally mess with my female, but only because he knows he can. My male cat really holds his ground. My female will run them out of the kitchen if she is cornered. Both cats have a routine and have learned when it is safe to hang with us. They know the dogs go down early and will often come into the den and join us when watching TV because they know the dogs won't bug them when they are tired. Also, even though my cats don't like the dogs, they will sleep on the bed together because neither will give up there spot. They have just learned where to go on the bed to stay safe. It is quite humorous actually.

    I suggest leashing Maddie when possible so you can give her quick corrections. Otherwise you will just have to let the cats give some lessons. I suggest keeping the cats claws trimmed so they don't cause a good scratch across the face.

    I've actually seen my male cat clamped onto Sky's nose with his mouth and Sky's tail and butt just keep on wagging. She just loves the cats and doesn't understand why they don't want to play.
    Sharon, loved by Moose & Sky

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    Mocha Guest

    DefaultRe: Chasing the cats...need advice

    All I can say is "Good Luck, I feel for you!" I just got my grey kitty to come home after being chased away for 6 weeks. I can't really give advice because I am so worn out from dealing with the same situation.

    Really, just slowly let them be in the same room (while dogs are "tired") and let them visit each other. Dont rush it. Make sure cats have an escape just in case. I make Maggie get in the "down" position and then let the cats in. They usually sniff her and then walk around. As long as there is supervision at all times I will let Maggie "up". She follows the cats around, watches them eat, clean themselves, etc. Then they get up on the back of the couch and she just watches them and wonders why they are allowed on the couch and she is not! We are at the point now where she can be left alone with them. Thank Goodness! She does chase them outside, but at least they know she is not going to hurt them and they can get away. It has taken a long, long, time.

    She likes to lick them and now they purrrr for her. The hard part is when she tries to rub their belly with her big paw

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    Kathryn Guest

    DefaultRe: Chasing the cats...need advice

    Dakota has taken to going after our 3 cats. One of our first lessons was "leave it" Now she has done very well with this for a while now. I just started to use it for her to leave the cats alone. I have to say it about twice for her to put her but on the ground and not move while the cat is going from one room to the other.
    Not much help but I wish you th best of luck!

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    Katy Guest

    DefaultRe: Chasing the cats...need advice

    Chasing cats is completely unacceptable. The kitties have the right to enjoy their house too, without being chased by the dog. Have you taught the "leave it" command to Maddie? If not it is something she needs to learn right away. If so, a refresher lesson is definitly in order. I like dakkerdog's suggestion on keeping Maddi leashed while around the cats. You can tether her to your body, so you can make a quick correction.


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