Ernies night away.
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Thread: Ernies night away.

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    DefaultErnies night away.

    When Ernie stays away he wants to sleep in their bed. He wakes everyone up after midnight and* howls and walks his crate, so of course no one will mind him. He sleeps in his bed outside my room. Never in beds.

    I bought a new reinforced crate, and put foam on the bottom to stop it walking.* I put him in all rooms of the house, at a friends house, even in the garage.(Ashamed about this one) Six weeks later after many sleepless nights he slept through the night.

    I haven't had a break for nearly a year so last weekend I had a night away and Garry took him. I told him don't under any circumstances let Erns sleep on the beds or he will expect it next time.

    When I picked him up Garry said* he hadn't taken Ernies crate and Ernie woke everyone up at 2am. I was thinking OMG please don't say you let him on the beds.

    No he didn't let him on the bed. Ernie and Garry spent the night on the couch. ;D Garry isn't a small man either. ;D
    oops Garry. Guess where Erns will want to sleep next time. ;D

    forgot to add pic. How could this keep people awake at night.

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    DefaultRe: Ernies night away.

    Hey, at least you found a sitter!! Ernie can actually learn that the couch is a no no in your home while being permitted elsewhere!! Did you at least enjoy your night away??

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    DefaultRe: Ernies night away.

    For such a gorgeous boy you certainly are trouble Ernie. lol
    Chris, the toilet picture is a riot. ;D

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    DefaultRe: Ernies night away.

    He just wanted to be closer to those he loves.

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    DefaultRe: Ernies night away.

    I'm trying to find the story that goes with the eaten down sheetrock picture!!


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