Goopy eyes?
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    DefaultGoopy eyes?

    Actually, this is a dog that I took care of this past weekend. The owner just got a puppy and was worried that her dog (the one we took care of) has goopy eyes. I thought maybe the onset of kennel cough but none of our dogs were sick. He has had problems in the past with allergies but he isn't itching. It is TERRIBLY dry and dusty in West Michigan right now so I wonder if it was dust related?

    Is there anything contagious that may cause a dog to have goopy eyes?

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    If they are GOOPY instead of a little runny water like Id be in the car to the vet. When Dakota had her 3rd eye lid cut by the cat we had to keep a close eye on how both her eyes looked, If it looked like more than water coming out then we needed to have her back at the vet ASAP


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