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    DefaultRe: Safety Collars-- Update- What do you all think?

    Update:* I found this website today (I am spending waaaaaaayyyyy too much time on this- LOL)

    Instead of breaking apart, it has elastic that should stretch enough for the dog to pull away if he was caught on something.* It has a place for a tag, and hooking up a leash secures the elastic.* Plus, the "lab" in the company name is because they have a Lab!* LOL

    Anyway, could you take a look and let me know what you all think?* Thanks.

    I'm trying to find a collar that would break loose if the dogs got tangled together or caught on something.* They don't need collars inside the house, but I can't leave them out in the yard without a collar and ID.* A breakaway collar would work unless they somehow got out of the yard, when it would be useless in trying to catch them in their new-found freedom.

    I read Angus-Fangus' post yesterday about those knot collars, and wondered if they'd slip enough if a dog got tangled.* I saw one in the store tonight and gave it a "tug-test."* :P* Yes, it slipped, but not enough IMO.* Plus, I couldn't get it to slide apart at all if I was grasping it by the knots.* Now, I realize my hands are not at all like a dog's neck and the tugs I gave it do not mimic a dog struggling to get free, but I just didn't think they were slippery enough, if that makes any sense.* I'm sure that they'd do just fine in some situations but unfortunately, I don't think they're for me.* Sigh.

    So back to the drawing board.* Any suggestions?
    Dot in Northern Illinois

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    DefaultRe: Safety Collars

    Sorry Dot. I googled breakaway collars and only found this one type. I can understand your concern though and hope someone else has a suggestion.*

    After Jack's little jaunt the other day (& thank God he was wearing his collar w/id!) I'm seriously considering taking up lasso-ing lessons or buying a stun gun (just kidding* ).* As slow as this boy moves in the house, he's like greased lightening outdoors & running free!
    Pat from S.E. Pa
    Abby - CGC
    Jack - OCP (official couch potato)

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    DefaultRe: Safety Collars-- Update- What do you all think?

    I really like the idea of the tazlab! They are very nice-looking, too. Neat colors.

    That's so funny that it's why they have "lab" in the name.

    Connie and "The Boys":
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