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    DefaultNeed Gift Advice!

    My private trainer, for those who don't know, just got his OTCH with his Smooth Collie!

    A couple of us who take lessons from him are planning to ambush him after his class tomorrow and wish him well. A little surprise visit, as we are taking the summer session off from the club.

    So, the other girl is planning to get him a bottle of wine, decorated with some kind of doggie doo-dad. :P

    I would like to get him something, but I'm not sure what. ??? Shouldn't be anything extravagant, just a small something that says I was thinking of him.

    I will gladly welcome any ideas!

    The only thing I can think of is a small photo album/brag book with his dog's name and OTCH on the front. I could throw this together fairly quickly tomorrow. that too girlie? I would not decorate it with doilies or anything. I could make it look masculine (which is more my taste anyway). But is it still too femmy a gift for a guy?

    Otherwise, there is a small stainless steel canister at TJ Maxx. I have one just like it that I use for the boys' bedtime cookies.

    There is also a dog boutique that I go to sometimes during lunch. I just can't think of anything there that is not super girlie, or that he would not have seen.

    Thoughts? Other ideas? Help? TIA!

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    DefaultRe: Need Gift Advice!

    I like all of those ideas.* Also, what about a nice frame for his otch photo?* You could get it engraved with the dog's name and titles (if you know can look them up if you don't know them).

    ~edited~ I just checked Things Remembered and they have "manly" looking pewter frames and a gun metal frames

    This autograph frame might be fun too so everyone could sign their congrats to him.

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    DefaultRe: Need Gift Advice!

    I think a picture frame is a great idea. Engraved, or stamped leather, depending upon what you want to include.
    Dot in Northern Illinois

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    DefaultRe: Need Gift Advice!

    I also like the picture frame and the album ideas. Photo albums aren't all girlie.
    I like the ones that allow a photo on the front.

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    DefaultRe: Need Gift Advice!

    The brag book and frame are great ideas. I'm sure it would mean a lot to him.


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