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    DefaultNO DIG!

    we took Apollo out in the boat yesterday, for what has become our routine Saturday afternoon out on the river. Yesterday was the first day he acted like a spoiled two year old > I think I spent the whole day saying NO, NO, NO, Come, Come, Come, APOLLO COME, no dig, no dig, no dig, NO DIG, APOLLO NO DIG!!!!(normally we let him enjoy digging in the sand on the river-he doesn't really do it at home that often) but yesterday he was kicking sand on everybody, everything, he kept digging holes behind our chairs, so we would ultimately end up going over backwards into his hole. I had to use the ladies room(weeds) well he had to supervise that and make sure everyone knew where we were-at one point grabbing some former participants dried up toilet paper and running out with it to show everyone(gross, gross, gross ewwwwww) I was absolutely exhausted at the end of the day and thinking this is what it must be like to have children(hubby and I are on the fence...)On the boat ride back big, wet, sandy dog wanted to sit on momma's lap. I was cold wet sandy and tired last night and just wanted to go to bed. Big Wet Sandy Dog was tired and just wanted to jump up and lay on my COUCH!!!! NO NO NO, Apollo No, Come, Come, Come APOLLO COME!!!

    Good thing he's handsome.......

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    DefaultRe: NO DIG!

    We have four kids, two dogs, three cats, a hamster, and fish....I know how you feel. Hang in there. Appollo doesn't talk back, and thats a bonus.

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    DefaultRe: NO DIG!

    Sorry to smile.
    I have a spoiled four year old going on two. I know exactly what you are saying. You come home and wonder why on earth you took the brat in the first place. But like me I bet you do it again, and again, hoping next time is better.

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    DefaultRe: NO DIG!


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    DefaultRe: NO DIG!

    I'm sorry but I have to laugh! I'm sure I wouldn't if I were going through it. But the image of Apollo digging behind the chairs until they would fall in and the toilet paper made me laugh!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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