Pup ate soap! HELP
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Thread: Pup ate soap! HELP

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    DefaultPup ate soap! HELP

    bradley ate a piece of soap this morning. i thought i got it all out of his mouth - he was fine all day - , but i didn't. just a few mins ago he ran out and tried to poop but it's all liquid. he came back in and puked his whole food ration on the floor. his heart is racing and he is breathing hard. he's walking around pathetically and is totally calm. he never laid in my arms for so damn long. i am so worried. is it soon enough to go to a doc tomorrow??? i am slightly panicking over here and i hope you can help us.

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    DefaultRe: Pup ate soap! HELP

    Calm down! It's going to be OK!

    What kind of soap? I am not positive about this, as I've never had a soap eater...but I have had my mouth washed out with soap I believe soap is not toxic. Unless it's something that has, I dunno, lye in it? I'm assuming you're just talking about regular bath soap, right...? Just a small piece, correct?

    Now...are you sure his heart is racing? Or, is this the first time you've really paid attention to his heartbeat and therefore it seems like it's racing, but what you are feeling is actually a normal heartbeat for a puppy? Asking because I have scared myself in this way before Puppies hearts do beat very quickly.

    I really believe he will be OK. If he is calm, he probably doesn't feel good because I can't imagine that soap would sit very well on the tummy. But honestly, I don't think he's in any danger.

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    DefaultRe: Pup ate soap! HELP

    If you are indeed worried, then take him to the vet. If Bradley is a puppy, they can become dehydrated very quickly from the vomiting and diarrhea.


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    DefaultRe: Pup ate soap! HELP

    I would call the vet and ask the same questions. But When my daughter was a toddler she ate both soap and deodorant, neither made her sick. I called poison control and asked them what to do, the answer was give her milk or ice cream. She might have an upset tummy but it wont kill her.

    Good luck.


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