I need some help! (x posted from O & E)
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Thread: I need some help! (x posted from O & E)

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    Hi guys, it has been forever since I posted in lab chat, but I actually joined waaaay back in 2003 and am hoping to get some advice about my pup, Maxwell.

    So DH noticed a lump (small, only a couple of centimeters) on Maxwell's back last week. It's right on his back, below the shoulder. It's firm, doesn't feel like a cyst, seems connected to the underlying tissue. He's utterly unconcerned about it, is in great health and is your typical boisterous almost three year old lab.

    Being dutiful dog owners, we took him in to the vet on Saturaday. For those of you who remember, though, we live in Eastern Europe. The vet drew a blood sample from the lump and went and looked at it under a microscope and came back and said, well, I don't know what's wrong with him but something didn't look quite right so I want to operate and cut it out. Yikes! Vet care here isn't as advanced in the US.

    I talked with my vet in the US, they wouldn't venture a diagnosis. I talked with DH's aunt who is a vet and she says, from what it sounds like, that it most likely is a mast cell growth. I have read about them online and it makes sense. Why they can't diagnose something common like that here, I have no idea. However, mast cell growths have to be excised very carefully, or else they come back.

    I am being medevac-ed back to the United States in one month--to have a baby ( :-D ). I can fly Max back with me then. I know there is a chance of this lump growing over the next four weeks and things getting worse, but I can't imagine how terrible I would feel if his operation went poorly here. What do you guys think? Am I doing the right thing? We are just so worried because he's our fur baby.

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    DefaultRe: I need some help! (x posted from O & E)

    I would talk to a vet in the States and get their advice about waiting for 4 weeks to get it done in the US vs having it done there and your concerns about vet surgery where you live now - all the what if's.

    Good luck with Maxwell, and all the best to you too with your new arrival.


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