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    Yesterday we went to our local humane society fund raiser. Called Bark in the Park, its held at a local park(duh) and there are a bunch of pet vendors there(petsmart) dog food vendors, the daycares set up a booth, think of it like a pet trade show. They had agility equipment set up, that I really wanted to take Apollo thru but, didn't want to take him off the leash(especially after one of the greyhounds from the greyhound rescue booth got loose and took off, and well you know its a greyhound, people were chasing it, it was running toward traffic, the owner was frantic, but he eventually came back and all was ok). Then at the end, they get all the dogs together in the park, out walks a guy dressed in a mailman uniform and he rings a doorbell. All *&$# breaks loose and all the dogs bark. They measure the decibels of the bark, and hold the world record for loudest bark. I thought it was a pretty cool fundraiser. I had a chance to see breeds I haven't seen before. Fell in love with a liverbrown German Wirehair, and a liverbrown German Shorthair. I could have the Trifecta of big brown dogs! Just need to get hubby on board.

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    DefaultRe: Bark in the Park yesterday

    Here we have Trail of Tails, and their big contest is Who Looks Most Like Their Dog.
    Loudest Bark sounds like a better contest (especially w/the fundraiser title) . . . more fun for the dogs!*

    (guess you don't have any photos???)


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