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    DefaultSparky and Toby...

    Have been adopted out. They were adopted together by a family with three kids that instantly fell in love with them. They also have a 9 year old black lab...and they all got along very nicely. It was an instant of the fastest adoptions ever...I don't think I could have talked them out of taking both of them...and I don't think that Sparky or Toby would have accepted that either...Toby instantly bonded with the son who was 7 and Sparky took to the 4 year old girl. I think Bo is their middle daughter's protector who is 6.

    It was awesome to watch. When the SU was loading up the kids and the dogs where still in the house, Toby and Sparky lost complete interest in us and were completely fixated on the family. I'd say they made up their minds.

    Have a great life boys!
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    DefaultRe: Sparky and Toby...

    Wow what a happy ending of that story...and a happy and new beginning of their new life!
    ~Veronica and Nikki~
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    Nikki 6 months

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    DefaultRe: Sparky and Toby...

    How absolutely wonderful!!!!

    WTG Dani!!!

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    DefaultRe: Sparky and Toby...

    That's great!!!

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence

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    DefaultRe: Sparky and Toby...

    I love a story with a happy ending!*
    Good work, Dani!


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