I am just cross posting this from another list. If anyone went to the Canfield show in Ohio please read this.

Both of the dogs were at the Canfield show and showed symptoms after the show.

Dogcare: Update - Canfield diagnosis
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> > Lepto is suspected as the cause of death in the 8 month old Beagle
> > puppy, and has been confirmed as the illness in the Borzoi puppy, who
> > I am told is about same age. Results indicate it is a Lepto strain
> > different than the strains each dog had been vaccinated against.
> > Veterinarians feel certain each puppy came into contact with the Lepto
> > at the show site. The incubation period is 2 -14 days. I understand
> > there are at least 40 different strains and vaccines only guard
> > against a handful. Someone such as Kathy Z can probably correct me or
> > add to this.
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> > It is very scary to know that a dog can still get Lepto even if
> > vaccinated against it. I didn't realize each vaccine grants immunity
> > to only some, not all strains. I haven't give Lepto vaccine to any of
> > my dogs because I was told when I got Kuper as a puppy, that the Lepto
> > vaccine can cause adverse reactions in most breeds, and PBGVs were
> > known to have reactions. My vet in those days convinced me I should
> > give it, and sure enough, Kuper had a severe reaction and had to be
> > hospitalized. After that I excluded Lepto when breaking out the
> > vaccines.
> Only good news out of all this is that the Borzoi is expected to
> survive. I hope no one else at that show has had a problem, but due to
> the incubation period, caution and watching dogs closely is necessary