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    lab13 Guest


    Help! We have 4 or 5 baby rabbits in our garden and my labs are going nuts with them. We have blocked off the one side where they could get at them. Today they found one to play with but lucklly didn't get it.

    How can I get rid of them or prevent from getting them next year?

    We now have to take the dogs out on leashes for I guess the next couple of weeks or we will have rabbit stew soon!

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    BudGirl8 Guest

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    Not sure what to tell you about how to get rid of them. The rabbits that live in my area (neighbors yards etc) occassionally venture in to the bushes and trees in my yard, but Billie flushes them out, has a whopper of a race chasing them like a lunatic around the yard, and the rabbit always escapes out the gap between the gate and the fence. They're full grown though.

    Maybe check with the local 4H extension service and see if they have advice about how to get them out of your yard. Might also check with some local gardening clubs - they could have some advice about how to ward off rabbits.

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    We have two pet rabbits that have the run garden. Amber and Echo are good friends with the rabbits. Sometimes they all rest together. On other occasions the rabbits actively encourage the dogs to chase them. It's just a game. If the rabbit stops so does the dogs. They enjoy licking the rabbits but would never hurt them. Infact there seems to be a mutual respect for each other.

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    This happened to my next door neighbor recently. The SPCA told her to remove the bunnies from the fenced backyard and put them in front of the house under a bush, out of reach of her Greyhound. My neighbor was worried the mother rabbit couldn't find them. The SPCA told her that if their eyes are open and they are hopping around, they're big enough to make it on their own. Apparently the SPCA gets lots of phone calls like this! We spent about 15 minutes rounding up the bunnies. They were in a nest under a bush.

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