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    DefaultKennel cough vaccine

    Woody(choc male21 mnths) and Jessie (Jack RUssel Terrier aged almost 3) had their kennel cough vaccine almost 2 weeks ago. Its definitely Woodys 1st but not sure about Jessie as she is a rescue.

    Jessie hasn't been her usual self since. She has coughed a couple of times and has been constantly eating grass and weeds. She went off her food a couple of days ago but will eat it if Woody looks like he might get it instead.

    Also she is licking her feet alot and drinking lots of water. It is really hot here at the moment though.

    What do you think???

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    DefaultRe: Kennel cough vaccine

    Did Jesse get the nasal or the shot? I thought at first possible some sort of allergy but I havem't a clue. I would call your vet & tell him & see what he says. Let us know how she is.

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    DefaultRe: Kennel cough vaccine

    I don't do that nasal vaccine any longer and my vet doesn't recommend it since it does not cover all kennel cough viruses.

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    DefaultRe: Kennel cough vaccine

    My vet does the nasal bordatella shot and doesn't even recommend ANY kennel cough shots UNLESS you 1) board your dog alot, 2) drop them off at doggy daycare or 3) show.

    I don't know if eating grass is a sign of anything. The old wives tale was that dogs eat grass to make themselves feel better when they are sick, but Grace grazes like a cow...ALL THE TIME. And she is not sick.

    Dogs can sometimes get a little sick after shots because they are getting a dose of the illness, so I would just keep an eye on her and if she is still dragging after a few days, call the vet.


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