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    Just thought I would let you know that the street name that you want to turn off Longwoods Road from is Springer Road. You turn left. If you turn right you go into Delaware and the road is actually Victoria so go left okay.

    It bothered me that I couldn't remember the name of the road because I lived 4 houses away from it. When you drive out that way, there is a white farmhouse just outside of Delaware. Farm on the right, small car dealership that doesn't look like a dealership at all, on the left. That was my house.

    So now you have the full directions. Wharnecliffe through Lambeth, Wharnecliffe will turn into main street in Lambeth and then it will turn to Longwoods Road. Then you just drive for about 6 minutes. It will feel like 15 but I have timed it lots of times when I lived out in Delaware to figure out the fastest way to work. Then when you get to Springer Road, turn left and it is 2km down. Park at the sign that says Sharon Creek. There is another parking lot a few metres up from that one but it takes you to a little pennisula and that is where most of the fishing is done. We have gone there for fishing and there is always fishing lines and hooks that are on the shore and we pull them in from the shallow end. The other parts of Sharon creek are clear. Then when you walk in, take the trail to the left and it will take you to the water the quickest. If you go straight there are tons of fields for retrieves and then you hit forest. Then after that, if you find the right trail it will take you to the swimming hole. So just take the left trail. ;D LOL.

    Okay, so I think you should be able to find it now. LOL.

    Here are a few pictures I have snapped there.

    This is the vista from the field you walk through to get to the lake

    This is in the fall and if you go straight

    This is if you go to the lake and then there is a thin trail that leads to the woods and hugs the shore but above it. Fall shot too.

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    DefaultRe: Henrysmom I have the streetname for you

    Hey, thanks Sirena!!

    I'm headed to London next weekend for my brother's birthday, so if it's nice, I'm hoping to take Henery and his cousin Riley for a swim!!

    Kewl! Thanks for the great directions!!


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