Update: Help! Abby is leaking
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Thread: Update: Help! Abby is leaking

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    DefaultUpdate: Help! Abby is leaking

    I just noticed when abby moved that her leg was all wet.* She had been sleeping on her side.* When she laid back down, I noticed that she was "leaking" from her pee pee area.* It did not smell like urine and when I cleaned it up it was clear.* She immediately went outside and peed normally.

    Any ideas on what this could be?

    I have been feeding her broccoli and slowly switching to wet food as the vet has asked that she loss a couple of pounds.*

    Please help if you have any ideas.* She is acted normal (being crazy , eating, drinking)

    UPDATE: Abby has stopped leaking. Apologies for the terminology! I watched her closely and she is not had anymore leakage after this post. Hopefully this was a one time occurrence as there was alot of excitement at the house today and she drank a bunch of water. Thank you Zoe and Wigwag. I will keep my eye on her though.

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    DefaultRe: Help! Abby is leaking

    She could possibly have a urinary tract infection. I'd see the vet.

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    DefaultRe: Help! Abby is leaking

    Sounds like urine. Sometimes spayed females can be incontinent and it usually happens during sleep. It can happen very rarely like once a month or more frequently like every day and some need medication for control.

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    DefaultRe: Update: Help! Abby is leaking

    Sammi did the same thing when she had a uti- a round of antibiotic's and no furthur problem's-


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