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Thread: nail and vaccuum question

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    Defaultnail and vaccuum question

    I'm going to go back and check old posts, but does anybody have any advice on nail clipping/dremmeling and vaccuums....

    How often should I get Lucy's nails clipped so they are short enough to not scratch our wood floors (yes, I'm the one with the worrisome DH) I promised him it will be fine, but I was wondering how fast they grow and how often I should take her in. I don't think I'm ready to try it on my own, especially after poor Bucky's mom's experience. I might be able to do the dremmel, but that makes me a little nervous too. I'm going to talk to the groomer and get her opinion as well.

    Also, I'm in the need for a new vaccuum and was wondering if you guys had opinions on what picks up dog hair the best. I try to sweep and vaccuum every day or at least every other day. We have Lucy (lab), Max (Shi Tzu) and Ally (cat), plus three kids and a husband. Needless to say I need something pretty heavy duty!

    Thanks for you help!

    and Lucy

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    DefaultRe: nail and vaccuum question

    You can get your dogs nails done by the vet if you don't feel confident enough to do it yourself.

    I have actually never cut my dogs nails. I do some good roadwork with them weekly. It wears their nails down a charm.

    We have hardwoods floors throughtout our house and unfortunately they do get scratched regardless of how long the dogs nails are. You don't really notice unless you look close & it is kind of inevitable with 4 dogs.

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    DefaultRe: nail and vaccuum question

    I can't help with the nail question but... We have tile and wood flooring throughout the house. I have 1 Lab, 1 cat, 3 kids and 1 hubby, we also have VERY sandy soil (if you can call it soil). The Vac I LOVE!!! a shop vac! It gets it all! Really I'm not kidding. I got rid of everything else and now I use the shop vac everyday!
    Good Luck,

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    DefaultRe: nail and vaccuum question

    Dremeling isn't nearly as scary as clipping in my book.* Even if you dremmel the nail too short, it isn't going to spurt blood and cause severe pain because it doesn't take that much nail off at a one time.* In contrast, if you cut too short with the clippers there's likely to be lots of blood and a very unhappy dog.

    Here is a great link on dremeling and it includes some really awesome photos too

    You can dremel every 3-4 days and keep the nails really short if you want.

    As for vacuums...good luck with that.* I have a Kirby that is a great vacuum cleaner but even it has a tough time with the dog hair (I think dog hair has magnets or something because it sticks to everything and is impossible to remove).* I bought the highly touted Dyson and have to say I'm less than impressed.* It cost nearly as much as my Kirby and doesn't do nearly as good a job.* It's great on tile floors (which I have a lot of thankfully) and I like the on board hose (simple to use) and the length of the hose (which allows me to vacuum the stairs without dragging the machine up and down) but I bought the Animal attachment because it is supposed to be wonderful for picking up dog hair on carpet/furniture.* It was worthless.* I have since bought a pet attachment for my Kirby that does a pretty decent job...better than Dyson anyway.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mama3tikes
    The Vac I LOVE!!! a shop vac! It gets it all! Really I'm not kidding. I got rid of everything else and now I use the shop vac everyday!
    Now why didn't my SU think of that! He uses a shop vac at work. I'll have to ask him to borrow it one weekend so I can try it out.

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    DefaultRe: nail and vaccuum question

    I do the boys' nails myself. I use the "take an eensy bit" method every couple of weeks. Although I'm a bit behind right now. : I am going to do them tonight.

    I have found that their nails grow at wildly different rates. I think I could get by with once a month on Simon. His stay very short, and they are also very slim. Angus' grow like weeds, and they are very thick and also very brittle (see split nail post :'( )

    I only clipped Crash's nails once in his life. I cut to the quick, he yelped and bled, I got freaked out and from then on he had "spa day" every once in a while. But with the boys I decided to try again, and really, if you are careful about not taking too much, it's not all that bad.

    Connie and "The Boys":
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    Simon, d.b.a. Flat Coated Retriever, CGC, RE, CD

    Gone ahead, but forever in my heart:
    Crash, Pit Bull x Rottweiler x Golden Retriever


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