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Thread: Kimmers....

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    I need a Sammy update! How's that boy doing today??

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    DefaultRe: Kimmers....

    Thanks for asking!
    His stiches look great, swelling is WAY down-almost gone. No more oozing or anything. He gets his stitches out next week sometime. Will take pictures here soon and post.

    His other eye is still really really gunky-and he's trying to scratch at it constantly-so I'm hoping the meds will start to help soon.
    He's hyper and full of it though-so that's a good sign.
    Thanks so much for asking*

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    DefaultRe: Kimmers....

    Glad to hear he's doing well...we were thinking of him as well. I couldn't help but relate to your past posts, Fergus had his Cruciate surgery 3 weeks ago and we to have had to deal with popped staples and getting a bigger cone too! We've been to the Vet more this past few weeks then ever's never easy with these guys is it!! Keep us updated on his progress

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    DefaultRe: Kimmers....

    i was looking for a sammy update too.
    glad to hear all is going well!


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