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    I hate it when I'm in a rush and take Rocky for a quick potty break and once he's done decides he doesn't want to come back inside and calapses his legs and lays on his side like dead weight on the grass. If I tell him to get up and come inside, he just looks at me as if to say "you talking to me?" If I pull on his leash, he will literally let me drag him along the grass rather than get up (this will probably be easier on snow). Anyway, other than that, he does have a few other "puppy" habits that aggravate, like the grab an object and chase me game, but generally not to bad.

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    Ditto about the grab-and-chase game, especially with newspapers. Given a few unobserved minutes, Corby can completely shred the morning paper. He's good at "drop it" but that too becomes a game... grab something, run away, mommy rattles the treat can, come back & drop it. And on the weekend, Corby found a large dead fish, and proceeded to carry that around. Gross >

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