Missing boys & their lab puppy
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Thread: Missing boys & their lab puppy

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    DefaultMissing boys & their lab puppy

    Good news for all. A massive search has been going on south of Astoria Oregon for two young boys (ages 4 & 5) who wandered off in a rural area yesterday! They had their black lab puppy with them. They were found just before noon, along with the puppy! PTL! All are fine, a little cold and dehydrated is all. It will be interesting to hear more of their night alone in the woods. Am certain the puppy helped keep them warm. What a feel good ending to a very scary 24+ hours.

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    DefaultRe: Missing boys & their lab puppy

    that is great news. It's amazing how these stories always end. It is always the dog being called the hero!

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    DefaultRe: Missing boys & their lab puppy

    beenwatching that on tv. so glad they were all found okay.

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    DefaultRe: Missing boys & their lab puppy

    Have been keeping eye's to the t..v myself. So very glad for the great outcome! So much bad stuff going on, that it's nice that just sometime's something turn's out how it should--


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