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    This is from a friend of mine.
    She has an 8month old Min Pin and lives in Korea (on exchange), and she needs some help.

    Soooo I've had dogs all the time growing up, big ones. They've always been lovey-dovey and obsessed with loving other people.

    Bailey is... different.

    She's starting to show aggression towards people and I don't like it and I don't exactly know what to do about it.
    She gets scared around people and will growl at them. It was never bad before, we'd tell her "No!" and give a quick pull on her lead and she'd be over it but now... well, she's changed her mind and she growls more. Even if someone just looks at her. I don't know where this is coming from! Yes, she obviously needs to be socialized and it's so hard to do out here because everyone launches for her face. I just started yelling "NO!" at people so they don't touch her, but that doesn't change the fact that she'll just growl at anyone.
    I will add that she is perfectly fine around my foreign friends.

    Help meeeee! I don't know what to do about this behaviour but I do know that it has to STOP before she decides to bite someone. It's also so embarassing having a cute little dog growl at people. BAD BAD BAD. She sits, she stays, she comes, she knows "no bite" (when we play and stuff) and "no" but now "no" isn't working for her growling anymore soooo yea.

    Nolan alpha rolled her awhile back when she did it (I wasnt there) and he told me about it and it didn't sit well with me, and now after inquiring and reading about it I had a reason for it to not sit well with me. I need some alternative methods... someone help meeeeeee

    Thanks guys!

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    DefaultRe: Aggression Question

    She should probably enroll Bailey in obedience classes. No dog is ever too small for some good obedience training. She needs to learn her place amongst people and a trained obedience trainer will be able to show her how.


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    DefaultRe: Aggression Question

    Hi Kimmers,
    I don't know alot about min pins except that they really do believe they are the king of all kings amoungst dogs. Your friend should consult to see the best way to have her dog find her place. My son lived with a min pin last year at school, and he too had to keep little mr. king of dogs in his place. Also, the min pin that lives down the street, the one that attacked my boy a while ago, he too is a growler and has very little training. I hope your friend finds something that works for her.

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    DefaultRe: Aggression Question

    Zoe's trainer had one. Said they are the most difficult dogs to train.


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