Charlie's taking painting lessons......
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Thread: Charlie's taking painting lessons......

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    DefaultCharlie's taking painting lessons......

    I got to the clinic this morning, and the painter (Tom) was painting the back of the clinic.* He was up on a ladder.* No fresh paint was within Charlie's reach, so I asked if it was OK for Charlie to come into the back yard.* He said it was no problem (so he thought), so I turned Charlie in and locked the gate.* I went through the clinic, checked on a couple of patients, and made my way to the back door.* The sight that greeted me just absolutely floored me.* Tom was standing high up on the ladder holding his paint can and brush with one hand and hanging onto the ladder with the other.* Charlie had his front feet on the 3rd rung and was trying to find the bottom rung with his back feet.* I don't think I got there quite fast for Tom, but everyone was OK and amazingly the paint can didn't even drip.* Darn. Where's the camera when you need it. :P*

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    DefaultRe: Charlie's taking painting lessons......

    LOL!! CHARLIE!!! ;D

    He was just trying to help... ! ;D


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