WHY did Boomer do that?
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Thread: WHY did Boomer do that?

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    DefaultWHY did Boomer do that?

    We have my FIL's old dog over for about a week or two. She has always come over for lots of visits and her & Boomer get along great. The first night Bree's bed wasn't touched by Boomer, BUT this morning I woke up to a BIG mess, he chewed her bed to pieces Stuffing all over. Do you think maybe he is jealous? I do see that whenevr we try to pet Bree he comes over and puts his body between us as if saying no you can't pet her pet me instead! Now I have to go out and buy Bree a new dog bed > I didn't punish Boomer because I didn't catch him in the act, I know it was him, he used to chew up his beds before when he was younger. Bree never chewed her bed at all. I am wondering now if even getting that 2nd dog like we talked about might not be a good idea right now. Maybe we need to wait until he gets older?? I am at a lost on this situation now. WHY Boomer, Oh WHY did you do this?

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    DefaultRe: WHY did Boomer do that?

    I think you are correct in judging Boomers behavior. He just resents the new "competition" for your attention. If you are thinking about a second dog then my advice is the sooner the better. If you have two hands to pat two butts then you can have two dogs. I don't know how people can handle three. Duke and Freckles are constantly maneuvering for the closest position until I can line them up so I can pat their butts like a set of bongo drums.

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    DefaultRe: WHY did Boomer do that?

    we always had 2 dogs in our household and never had a problem. Both of my older dogs died last year 3 months apart from each other :'( Boomer is our new baby. I had always had the girl first and then introduced the boy with no problems. This time around we started with the boy and I am not too sure how to introduce the girl to him. I will have my FIL's dog for a week maybe 2 and we will see then. Thanks for the suggestion-will ponder on that and talk to hubby.


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