Labradorable: The Squirrel Police
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    DefaultLabradorable: The Squirrel Police

    In Iowa, baby Girl would sit on the back porch and take after any squirrel who ventured into the yard. To the squirrels, this was a great game of chicken. She would also perform CPR on the flower bed in the hope of squirting out chipmonks or baby rabbits.

    Baby does not like toys, may gnaw on a Galileo once in a while, fetch and play are not in her vocabularyshe finds the pool to be an inconvenient water bowl but otherwise is content to be a couch potato.

    Go-fer is her idea of a good time and yesterday was no exception. we dropped them off at Lab Granny's and ran some errands. Lab Granny lives on a cul-de-sac and has a fenced back yard festooned with bird feeders. When we returned I found Bay sitting at the back screen door, leaning against the inside door but alert, watching the back yard. She had found her calling. She IS the squirrel police. Whoa be to the cunning fuzz-butts who venture into the yard when she is on duty. She noses the door open by herself and stalks out onto the patio and gives chase. Oh is she gorgeous when she runs!

    Usually the kids are right with me whereever I may be, but at Lab Granny's Baby's station is by the back yard where she silently watches for fuzz-butts to appear. Concerned she was not under foot I came downstairs. When she saw me she came running towards me, sort of did a bow and ran back to the door and posed waiting for my OK to go out. What a girl!

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    DefaultRe: Labradorable: The Squirrel Police

    Did Officer Baby ever nab one or does she just keep them from loitering?

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    DefaultRe: Labradorable: The Squirrel Police

    Nothing like having a life's calling, is there.* *

    Seamus and Flynn


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