Tonight we went to my cousin's house for a cookout. She has an eight year old Pit Bull named Petey :P He's just a big sweetie pie.

Petey is not looking so good these days, though. :-[ He's a bit overweight (OK, a lot), and she pointed out that he is having some allergy problems. Breaking out on his tummy. I really have to watch myself and how much I say about these things, or I get this look: Like, "OK, crazy dog lady..." Kevin and I said she might want to switch foods, and we talked briefly about it, then I started to feel like crazy dog lady so I canned it. :-[ I might email her later and bring it back up, though. I saw her feed Petey and he was very decidedly unexcited that it was mealtime. :-\


We were getting ready to leave and Petey followed us to the front door. I opened it to go out, and Petey ran right out between my legs! Gosh, I felt so bad! I didn't know he would just bolt like that! I guess I have gotten so used to dogs who do not bolt. Crash never did, and tonight made me realize that the boys don't do this either. If they're in the house and we open the door and they're not on leash, they just stand there. I don't remember teaching them this...Well, I guess we do say "Wait," so maybe we said it so much that they just know they're not going out those doors without a leash.

It just made me feel really stupid for not being a little more attentive to the fact that there was a dog on my heels. Duh. :

He didn't go far, just to the front yard, and she picked him up and carried him in.