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    Last week a friend of mine found a stray dog.* He called me to help him because he knows I take in lost/strays dogs all of the time.* She is very obviously a stray and it seems like she's been a stray her whole life.* She's was also in heat.* ** (Being a guy, he wasn't so thrilled when I brought over the doggy diaper and showed him how to use it!)* I'm afraid that she may be pregnant because her nipples seem to be getting more saggy.* After a few days it we hadn't found a place for her and we didn't know what we were going to do.* Thankfully, the people at T-bar ( offered to help.* Another side note: if you watch Extreme Home Makeover ever, they got one last season!* Anyhow, since we are both poor college students we knew we couldn't afford to care for her.* I'm so grateful for the people at T-bar.* They accepted her into their program on the condition that we would take care of her and foster her.* They are taking care of all of the expenses, she's had all her shots, etc. and she is being spayed on Monday.* She's picking up on everything slowly but surely.* She's picking up potty training good and she doesn't mine being crated.* She is learning how to be a pet from Hannah.* It's so sweet because you can tell she's just so grateful for us and you can just see that she's exhausted from having lived the life she had and that now she's so relaxed.* She's a sweetie.* Oh, and she's not staying with me, she's staying with my friend but I'm helping out alot!* Here's a picture...

    One more thing...

    I'm so happy that she's being spayed but I kinda feel a little bad/sad if she's pregnant. Not that I want to bring puppies that won't find homes or end up in shelters in to the world but it still makes me feel a little guilty.

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    that is really wonderful what you are doing for her..she looks really sweet. You are a very kind soul.


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