Birthday Cakes??
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Thread: Birthday Cakes??

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    I wasn't sure where to post this I apologize if this is in the wrong spot!

    Fergus' First Birthday is coming up fast and I wanted to have a special cake or something for him.* Before he got hurt & had his surgery we had all these great plans for a special first birthday with some of his furry with that not being an option I feel an even bigger need to spoil him!!* Poor guy having to spend his birthday with out friends* * Total mothers guilt!!* I was going to go to one of those fancy dog bakeries, but now that he'll be the only one eating the cake I thought I might try and make one that's just for him.* Does anyone have any ideas or recipes that they've used in the past??* Any suggestions would be very appreciated!! TIA...


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    DefaultRe: Birthday Cakes??

    You could try Liver Brownies.

    Here is a link to a google search on LB recipies:

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    DefaultRe: Birthday Cakes??

    Try this link:

    If you Google "dog birthday cake recipe" you'll get a ton of stuff.
    Pat from S.E. Pa
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    DefaultRe: Birthday Cakes??

    For our labs' birthdays my mom makes them a huge salmon patty. Like the ones us humans eat but much bigger. It does fall apart because its so big, but she "ices" it with (gag) whipped cream cheese. The boys seem to like it!


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