Our thanks to Daniel for allowing us to be a sponsor of Just Labradors. We have enjoyed reading the postings on the forum, and we appreciate the orders we have already received from members.

We spent six years as the part owners and fulltime managers of the company that manufactured "the the other foam dog training product" on the market. We decided that we needed to introduce a line of all-foam dog training products at prices that were more competitive with bumpers and other "toys." We sold out of the Minnesota Corporation, moved ourselves back "home" to Texas, and we have been back in production since March of this year. We have been building Armadillo Foam products since November 2004.

We design and develop each of the products ourselves. We build each of the molds from which our products are manufactured, and we manufacture and warehouse each of our foam products in our own facility. We established this approach to insure that we provide a high-quality product at an attractive price.

Many members of Just Labradors have visited our website in the last few days. We invite you to visit us again, or for the first time, to read the Testimonials, review our Pro Staff, and then View Products. Our products have been thoroughly tested by professional trainers that work with hunting dogs, and the results have been quite impressive. We stand behind our products, and we hope that you will give them a try.

Please visit us at


and Contact Us if you have any questions about our products. We do accept credit cards from our website, but we also have a Mail Order program (there is a tab for this on the left side of the page) should you prefer to send us a check rather than use your credit card on the Internet.

Thanks again for having us, and we hope to hear from you soon.