Duke's bleeding-- any advice?
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Thread: Duke's bleeding-- any advice?

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    DefaultDuke's bleeding-- any advice?

    I don't know if this is a vet thing or not, but I wanted to ask y'all.*

    I had the 3 boys out back playing earlier and when I brough Duke in, I noticed that he has a small (less that the size of pencil eraser) spot on his face that is bleeding.* I can't get too close to it right now because I'm the only one here and he won't hold still when I get near it, so I don't know how serious it is.*

    What should I do?* Can you put peroxide on a dog?* Neosporin?

    If it was a tooth mark, is that worse than a scrape?* it doesn't seem to be bleeding anymore, and if it were one of the black boys, I wouldn't even notice it. . .

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    DefaultRe: Duke's bleeding-- any advice?

    Hydrogen peroxide to flush it out. Once it's less raw and open you can use an antibiotic ointment like Neosporin, but the peroxide is best for initial cleaning and disinfecting.
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    DefaultRe: Duke's bleeding-- any advice?

    Recently Brigetta had a small cut on her nose that was bleeding and I did exactly what TobysTrix recommended...hydrogen peroxide then after it aired out Neosporin and it worked great.

    Teresa, mom to Brigetta and Prudence


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